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It is not difficult to attend school but to assert ...


The Institute was founded in 2014 to promote vocational education of students in the field of tourism, hospitality and gastronomy. In addition to fulfilling the main goal at the moment - running the Secondary school of hospitality management and gastronomy International - the Institute also provides short-term training courses and seminars, publishes in professional media update themes in the field, and implements educational and training projects for elementary schools across the country.


Thanks to the EU programme Erasmus + the training of students is enriched by their important international and intercultural experience. We organize internships of Czech students abroad as well as practical training for foreign partner organizations in the Czech republic.


To graduates of vocational schools we offer an active assistance in the labor market. In this context inter alia we cooperate with foreign partners to develop and implement a project of an electronic application connecting graduates with potential employers.


The Institute also dedicates itself to preparing a comprehensive set of training materials for secondary vocational schools, within which cooperates with renowned experts. These materials will be in electronic form, but also in the form of printed publications, worksheets and case studies.


Partners and supporters of the Institute and individual projects: AHR ČR, AKC ČR, ACK ČR, Gerstner Hospitality Group, Perla Hotel, Clarion Hotel Prague, Hoffmeister hotel, TITBIT, ProFitArt.

An experienced professional with experience in Switzerland and Germany. Mr. Dudov is responsible for gastronomy projects. He is an exthusiastic member of team always willing to share his gained experience with students and other workshop participants.

Former Director of Operation of Hilton, Cairo, Egypt; General Manager Thermal Spa Hotel, Karlovy Vary, Czech Rep.; General Manager Voroněž Hotel, Brno, Czech Rep. and further managerial positions within tourism industry upon his real experience decided to support and enhance quality and professional education of not only young generation. For that purpose he established the Institute and took over the Secondary school of Tourism and Gastronomy. 

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